Join in the fun and exercise your BRAIN using movement/exercise in a chair! As they say USE IT so you DON’T LOSE IT. Learn all 21 tools required to Respond, React, Recover. Help improve balance, feel lighter and help the brain create new ways of doing things. This class appeals to all ages! For adults (Preventative) and children (Developmental).

Date/time: Sat 23 Jul – 27 Aug 11.30am – 12.30pm(6 sessions)
Fee: $75 Tutor: Agata Commisso

If you like the idea of seeing your work in print in newspapers and magazines, then come to this class to learn how to do research, conduct interviews, find ideas and write for a specific market. Taught by Dr Laurent Boulanger, Swinburne University writing teacher, and writer of over 30 published articles in Australia, the USA and the UK.

Date/time: Sat 29 Oct 9am - 1pm
Fee: $40 Tutor: Dr Laurent Boulanger

Interested in making your own cheese? This is a very relaxed way to spend a day. You may like to bring lunch to share and make new friends and make conversation. You will be asked to bring some kitchen equipment.

Dates/times: Sat 15 Oct (Cheddar), 22 Oct (Camembert) 10am– 3pm
Fee: $100 per session milk and “hoops” included
Tutor: Corinne Blacket – Drysdale Cheeses

Learn how to install and uninstall programs. Clean up deleted items and documents, use cleaner and defragger to keep your computer running smoothly. Download software from the internet free, antivirus programs and others from the internet. Set up your computer the way you want it.

Dates/times: Tues 26 Jul – Tues 13 Sept 1pm-3.30pm (8 sessions)
Fee: $165 or Conc: $75
Tutor: Colin Barnard, C & K Designs

Learn how to create tables, use tabs, columns, clipart and place a border, send and receive emails. Understand the Internet and browse different search engines. Learn about virus protections. This will include setting up a MyGov account and using it.

Skill Level: Beginner +
Dates/times: Thurs 28 Jul – Thurs 15 Sept 1pm – 3.30pm (8 sessions)
Fee: $160 or Conc: $75
Tutor: Colin Barnard, C & K Designs

This program is for hobbyist artists or art students who have studied at the intermediate level and want to further develop their knowledge and broaden skills and perceptions. Workshops will include: Experiential Media broadening to include new approaches to two and three dimensional media, Building self-expression, ideas and approaches, building colour and tonal awareness, and shared adventures into Art theory and Art history.

Dates/times: Tue 2 Aug – Tue 20 Sept 10am– 12.30pm (8 sessions)
Fee: $140 Conc: $75
Tutor: Annette Playsted
Materials list available from SpringDale office.

An introductory or refresher Art Course using drawing media for Adults. No previous knowledge required. This course increases the skills of seeing and drawing and then introduces colour and various media. Class materials required: A3 Sketchbook or A3 visual diary, 2B and 4B pencils.

Dates/times: Tue 2 Aug – Tue 20 Sept 1pm – 3pm (8 sessions)
Fee: $130 Conc: $70
Tutor: Annette Playsted


An Art Course in Painting and Drawing for Adults who have completed a foundation course . This course aims to increase media knowledge in the techniques and processes of painting and drawing, improving skills and confidence.

Dates/times: Mon 1 Aug – Mon 19 Sept 10am –12.30pm (8 sessions)
Fee: $140 Conc: $75
Tutor: Annette Playsted
Materials list available from SpringDale office