Focusing on the Future

A taster course which allows people to try a variety of classes to understand what is available locally at SpringDale. This is especially for anyone who is looking for a new direction in their life. Classes will be tailored for each participant.

Tutor: Anne Brackley
Skill Level: Beginner
Dates/times: Mon 15 Oct 10am – 12.30pm
(7 more sessions as individually scheduled)
Fee: $100 or Concession $80

The Joy of Volunteering

A way of getting experience is to volunteer. A way to give back to your community is to volunteer. A way to meet people is to volunteer. A way to fill in your time and share your skills is to volunteer. Many organisations and clubs rely on volunteers. This course looks into all aspects of volunteering and perhaps will help to increase your resume.

Tutor: Anne Brackley
Dates/times: Mon 15 Oct 10am – 12noon
Fee: Free

Innovations For Would Be Entrepreneurs

An entry level course for would be Entrepreneurs. This course looks at the skills and mind sets necessary for people to develop the skills to become an innovator or an entrepreneur.

Tutor: Anne Brackley
Dates/times: Thurs 18 Oct – 15 Nov 9.30am – 12noon
(5 Sessions)
Fee: $100