Advanced Workshop Program – Develop the Artist Within (Level 3)

Level: Intermediate
Tutor: Annette Playsted
This program is for hobbyist artists or art students who have studied at the intermediate level and want to further develop their knowledge and broaden their skills and perceptions.
A challenge is set for each term to encourage the building of ideas to improve conceptual development and to encourage experimental media use to broaden and develop unique approaches to media. The course is designed to increase self-expression and perceptual awareness.
Dates: Mon, 9th Jul – 30th Jul (3 week break)
& 27th Aug – 17th Sep or
Tues, 10th Jul – 31st Jul
(3 week break)
& 28th Aug – 18th Sep
8 Sessions
Time: (Mon) 1.00 PM – 3.30 PM or
(Tues) 10.00 AM – 12.30 PM
Fees: $145.00, Concession  $80