Chronic Pain Support Group

Mindfulness, unconditioned awareness and their associated partners of compassion, wisdom, loving-kindness and skillful decision-making, form the overarching philosophy of our on-going meditation group. Members bring their own understandings of the practice and share them in a safe, calm and nurturing environment.

For many people, chronic pain is a debilitating condition from which relief is difficult to achieve. The condition has two components firstly, there is the pain itself but , secondly there is also our response and relationship to that pain.
The intention of this group is to show how acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and mindfulness can assist sufferers in responding and dealing with their pain. The group will be led by Dr Max Simmons retired psychologist.

Facilitator: Dr Max Simmons
Level: Beginner
Dates/times: Wed 6 Feb – 27 Mar (8 Sessions)
1.30pm – 3.00pm
Fee: $100 Concession $60